Pregnant? Need Help?

At Birthright, we understand the challenges related to unexpected or accidental pregnancy. We know that it can be an overwhelming and often scary situation and that you may feel alone, worried or even unwanted. That’s why we encourage anyone dealing or coping with an unintended pregnancy to call our non-judgmental, free, confidential helpline, 24/7, even if they are just considering their pregnancy options or need to know “am I pregnant”.

We know that there is hope for any mother and her child and Birthright believes that “It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth, and the right of every child to be born.” Birthright is here to support, encourage and be the friend that a pregnant woman needs as she navigates an unplanned or unintended pregnancy.

Birthright is available to all teens/women for as long as they need our help or us. We offer advice, love, friendship, and support to women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant. Birthright services are always free, non-judgmental and confidential. We can also provide information, referrals, and resources to help the woman help herself. Birthright is unique, and available 24/7 through our toll-free pregnancy support helpline (hotline). Birthright is not involved in any religious movements, political activities, or lobbying. Birthright’s focus is on loving the mother, reminding her that there is hope and ensuring she is not alone.